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Laerskool Eben Swemmer

OPEN DAY 17 JULY | GRADE R & 1 | 09h00 - 14h00

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Kindly bring the following documentation 

  • Proof of residential address (e.g. original/certified copy of municipal account, formal lease agreement, original bank account statement which reflects the applicant's physical address.

  • Certified copy of learner's original unabridged birth certificate.

  • Latest school report (Original/certified copy).

  • Certified copies of both parents/guardian's identity documents.

  • Clinic card

  • Transfer document from previous school (only when approved); (not applicable for Gr R & 1)

  • Proof of employment on an original letterhead if you are WORKING in the area.

Immigrants must also provide the following certified documentation:

  • study permit; parents' ID documents; parents working permits; immunisation card (all applicants)

If documentation is not available, the parent must provide proof that he or she has applied for the necessary documentation.

  • In case of foster care, a copy of the court order.

  • In case of divorce, a copy of the court order indicating guardianship.

  • Signed Parent School Contract

Please note that the application will only be processed if ALL of the above documents have been submitted.

The submission of any false documentation in the process of enrolment will lead to immediate nullification of your application and waiting list number. A new application form must then be completed and a new waiting list number will be issued thereafter.

Only original certified documents will be accepted, no faxes or e-mails.

To see what we offer 

Laerskool Eben Swemmwe Principal

On behalf of the dedicated staff and personnel at Laerskool Eben Swemmer, it gives us great pleasure to extend a warm welcome to all. Our primary objective is to support and empower every student to reach their highest potential, fostering within them a strong sense of self-worth, curiosity, and a genuine love for learning.

We are thrilled about the upcoming school year, as we embrace both new and familiar faces into our school community. As a committed team, we pledge to equip and empower our students with a high-quality education. It is an honor for us to be a part of your children's educational journey, and we are dedicated to unleashing their full potential through a wide range of extracurricular activities. Our utmost goal is to create a positive and engaging educational experience that nurtures a conducive environment for learning.

Laerskool Eben Swemmer Deputy Principal
A.M Mangwathe
Deputy Principal
H.C Slabbert

About Our School

Laerskool Eben Swemmer provides an enriched learning environment that has helped countless students get ahead. Founded in 1947, our School is located in Gezina and reflects the diverse backgrounds and cultures of the area. We’re extremely proud of our students and staff, who are always eager to learn, create and grow together. Give us a call to find out more about how we can help your child prepare for the future.

Laerskool Eben Swemmer 75th Birthday

Why choose us?

Laerskool Eben Swemmer is the ideal choice for parents who seek a place where their children will receive individualized care, be academically challenged, and have access to diverse extra-curricular opportunities. Join our community and experience an educational journey that nurtures and empowers every learner. Discover why parents choose us:

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Engaging environment

Our carefully crafted environment creates the perfect setting for fostering exceptional interactions between learners and educators. We ensure that each student receives personalized attention, leading to a more engaging and effective learning experience.

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21st Century Learning

We empowers our learners with the skills and knowledge they need to thrive in the digital age. We are committed to utilizing the latest educational technologies to enhance their learning experience, foster innovation, and prepare them for success in an increasingly interconnected world.

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Diverse Extra Murals

 We offer a wide range of extra-curricular activities such as soccer, netball, athletics, computers, and reading championships. These activities provide opportunities for learners to explore their interests, develop their talents, and enjoy a well-rounded educational experience.

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Community Involvement

We value the partnership between parents, learners, and the school community. Our special activities, like Boxcar, bring everyone together to raise funds for the school and participate in exciting box car races. It's a fantastic opportunity for families to connect and contribute to the growth of our school.



Jacket And Jersey

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Pants and Skirt

Contact Us

639 Frederika St, Gezina, Pretoria, 0084, South Africa


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